Albeta’s logo is using diode symbol, which has meaning to the company:

  • Diode as active electronic components: Meaning Albeta as a company and electronic contractors who are competent, active and experienced in the field of audio- visual and control system.
  • Diode as a rectifier: Means that Albeta as a company that moves dynamically through times and meet the needs of modern society.
  • Diode as a determinant of voltage: Means that Albeta as a company refers to the international standard scale installation which continues to improve the quality of the installation and always innovating in line with the rapid advance of technology.

Albeta Logo Color

Albeta’s logo consists of a mix and shades of orange, yellow, green, and blue which means: Albeta as a company with full of optimism and enthusiasm, as well as dynamic, modern, and relevant in the field of audio-visual and control system that constantly innovating through time.