Albeta is a long tradition of innovation. Everyday, Albetanians are driven by passion to work in ways that are more cutting-edge and more efficient. It was formalized in the form of a company in 1997 as a system integrator; PT Albeta Sukses Mandiri; delivering solutions for professionals to become more productive and agile.

All clients experience Albeta Golden Collaboration Pipeline; a series of processes specifically designed to ensure best decisions are made. An Albetanian continuously discuses as well as confirms with clients, every step of the way, throughout Albeta Golden Collaboration Pipeline. Our goal is to ease clients through a collaborative process much like signals transmitting along a gold conductor very smoothly.

As Albetanians, we intend to continue our quest of innovation to improve the way we do things, see things and ultimately the way we live. Continuous life-style innovation is what we do. Others are welcome to join our quest.